Women Healing Women Healing Earth

We are excited to announce our 2022 Women Healing Women Healing Earth workshops in person at Seeds of Solidarity.

Below are the terrific offerings and teachers!. Half the spots in each reserved for women who live in the North Quabbin region. Our talented, multicultural group of facilitators is committed to creating program groups that engage women diverse in regards to culture and race, age, and life experience.

Pre-registration is required and space is limited. ( workshops are live, in-person). Half of spots reserved for North Quabbin women; those from nearby communities encouraged! To sign up, contact deb@seedsofsolidarity.org with your name, town, and 1st and 2nd choice.

Free or by donation.*  Here is a beautiful flyer of these wonderful workshops. (made by Phyllis Labanowski)

Sunday May 1, 10am-12pm: Container Gardens: Simple and Recycled.  1-3PM Growing Herbs for Flavor and Health Enjoy one or both with Deb Habib. Gather new ideas and a take home a gift for your garden.

Saturday May 14,  10am-3PM. Joyous Healing with Rhythm and Sound with Connie (Ladycee) Owens. Celebrate yourself and each other with this lighthearted day of music, dance, and craft.

Friday June 10, 3-6PM. Colors of the Harvest: Paint, Sip, Relax with Melizza Chernov. You don’t have to know how to paint, just sip (a mocktail), relax and enjoy being guided through a painting experience as you commune with your inner harvest goddess. 

Saturday June 18, 10am-3PM. A Day of Ritual to Honor Ourselves (for Women who are Tired) with Phyllis Labanowski. Using sweet and simple rituals, this day is dedicated to YOU so that you can slow down, listen to your heart, and rest your weary bones. 

Que Sabor scheduled for July is cancelled due to presenter family illness, sorry! Please consider registering for Saturday Sept 24th, Cooking with Gratitude, Local to Global.  

Thursday Aug 25, 3-6PM.  Mother Earth Bowls with Lydia Grey. Create a handmade clay bowl to honor Mother Earth and for the enjoyment of delicious meals!

Saturday Sept 10, 1-5PM. Adorning Ourselves: Necklace Making Workshop with Phyllis Labanowski. Glass and stone, beads and baubles are provided, along with a little instruction, so that you can decorate your décolletage (your lovely chest where a necklace hangs) with a piece of jewelry.

Saturday Sept 24 10 am to 2PM Cooking with Gratitude, Local to Global with Nalini Goordial. Learn to make several dishes from around the globe, featuring local produce then enjoy a lunch feast together!

Supported by the Community Foundation of Western MA and generous individuals

*Free of charge to support full access for low income women. Donations to support our programs are always welcome.

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Enjoy a video featuring the Women Healing Women team, as well as these ideas for self/land/community care inspired by their stories.

Supporters of our 2022 program include The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts and generous donors. We are pleased to offer these for free to low-moderate income women. Donations to Seeds of Solidarity Ed Center are always welcome and keep the work of our non-profit alive and well. www.seedsofsolidarity.org