In these times and all times, we extend strength, wellness, and resilience to you and yours. We have developed many resource materials to regenerate soil, restore climate and revitalize community. Peruse archived newsletters rich with ideas and inspiration, watch our  Video on the No-till Cardboard Method. and find many more free guides and articles throughout our website. Plus, be inspired by our new book! 

We will be sending out our annual mailing in early November. If you are not already on our list, please join here. We will also want to keep you informed of 2021 programs and small group workshops in our new solar powered farmstand and teaching space. 

IMG_4859Get Your Garlic! Many thanks to those who attended one of our recent Garlic Saturdaze! They were safely social and uplifting. Seed garlic is still available in our self-serve farmstand at 165 Chestnut Hill Road, Orange while it lasts! As of Oct 11 there is some, but don’t delay as it is going fast. Our self-serve stand is open daylight hours- stock up at your leisure as well as pick some up for yourself, friends and family. Cash and checks only. Get it while it lasts! Tasty greens too!

We are out of many varieties but have some great variety packs with essential and unique varieties. Sorry but no bulk, mail order, or reservations:) 

As aligned with state guidelines and for the collective good, we were not able to hold an on-field Garlic and Arts Festival this year, but the festival website will get you to a new youtube channel with over 120 new and archived videos of performance, cooking workshops, energy conservation ideas, exhibitor behind the scenes and more. Also, Enjoy this list of great farmstands, markets, and hikes to enjoy in the area.


NEW! We created a Recipes for Wellness Booklet with economical recipes for all seasons, healthy living tips, gardening ideas, and ample inspiration. Enjoy it as our gift to you. 

Seeds of Solidarity Education Center is a non-profit organization based in Orange MA that innovates programs to awaken the power among people of all ages–from toddlers to teens to people who are incarcerated– to Grow Food Everywhere to transform hunger to health, and create resilient lives and communities. The organization is based at solar-powered Seeds of Solidarity Farm which uses agroecological methods to regenerate soil, restore climate, and build community food resilience. Seeds of Solidarity is located at 165 Chestnut Hill Road, Orange, MA where you will  find our seasonal farmstand stocked with fresh greens and produce from April to November. 

MLWF-ol-front-a-150-halfOur Book! Get your copy of  Making Love While Farming: A Field Guide to a Life of Passion and Purpose, by Seeds of Solidarity founders Ricky Baruch and Deb Habib for winter reading and holiday gifts. It is now available from Levellers Press and they can send it to you or your people. Check out MakingLoveWhileFarming.org for description and praise. You can follow MakingLoveWhileFarming on FB and Instagram too.

Seeds of Solidarity Education Center Inc. is a non-profit 501©(3) organization.
Our 2020 education programs are made possible through grants from:
The Green Leaf Foundation 
Heywood Healthcare Charitable Foundation
Community Development Block Grant/Town of Orange
Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts
Greenfield Farmers Cooperative Exchange;
Opioid Task Force; Rose Community Foundation; Mako Foundation
Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts/Donor Advised Funds
And wonderful contributions from Individuals Like You!
A hearty thanks to Flat Rock Disc Golf for their great winter benefit event!.

Get Info on our events like our Solidarity Saturday visiting days and Grow Food Everywhere workshops. 

We provide consulting on educational program development and regenerative, no-till farming methods, and offer keynotes at conferences. Please contact solidarity@ seedsofsolidarity.org regarding fees.

We are truly grateful for your interest in our organization and farm!